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Boosting Money Smarts for High School Students with Ramsey Education


By Susannah Berry

Student smiling in school hallway This fall, Jackson Charitable Foundation is teaming up with Ramsey Education to give 250 high schools complimentary access to Foundations in Personal Finance, a classroom-ready curriculum designed especially for high school students. Through this joint effort, more than 20,000 high school students across the country, will be exposed to hands-on lessons about using money in everyday life.

“As we see the tremendous impact our Foundation’s signature program, Cha-Ching™ Money Smart Kids, has with elementary school kids, we know the time is right to expand our efforts and start working with students who are much closer to adulthood,” said Danielle Robinson, Jackson Charitable Foundation Executive Director. “Ramsey Education offers high-quality curriculum for classrooms. We love their high school materials and are thrilled to be reaching more than 20,000 students together in the coming year with this life-changing program.”

Foundations in Personal Finance is a comprehensive, turnkey personal finance program featuring video lessons taught by Dave Ramsey and his team of experts. Tailored for a high school audience, the semester-long course includes 12 chapters covering important money topics that build financial confidence.

“Making sure that young people are prepared for the serious money issues ahead of them is our mission,” said Jim King, Ramsey Education Senior Vice President. “We’re excited to have a great organization like Jackson Charitable Foundation on our side. Together, we’re identifying kids and communities in need and responding with the very best in financial education.”

Foundations in Personal Finance has been taught in over 40% of high schools across the country and at any given time, is currently being taught in about 20% of U.S. high schools. The program includes more than 90 hours of curriculum and meets all state standards for personal finance and the Jump$tart National Standards for financial education.

Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Education “Our kids are motivated and bright, but under exposed to financial training,” said Jim Brennan, Business & Technology teacher at Ocean Springs High School in Mississippi. “Across the country, there are so many distractions for parents, who used to be the financial teachers. Many parents lack the ability and vision to provide their kids the financial knowledge they need. We are filling that gap with our personal finance class and the Foundations in Personal Finance Curriculum.”

Jackson Charitable Foundation has invested $500,000 with Ramsey Education, to sponsor free curriculum for 250 high schools and 20,000 high school students in the 2018-19 school year. Ranging across the entire country, these sponsored schools are considered urgent/high need based on family income levels and teacher interest in the curriculum.

“I have been using Foundations in Personal Finance with my students for the past two years and it has had a big impact,” said William Woolf, finance teacher at Sun Valley High School in North Carolina. “I had a former student who joined the U.S. Navy and came back to class this year to share how the Ramsey Education program has impacted his life. He is living on half his salary and investing the other half. I am a huge advocate of financial education for every young person in America. This makes a lasting difference for our students.”

Learn more about Jackson Charitable Foundation’s joint effort with Ramsey Education here.

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Susannah Berry
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Jackson

Susannah is an expert at developing impact-driven partnerships for nonprofits and donors. In her role as Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Jackson, she puts those skills to work every day helping the company and associates find ways to serve important charitable causes. She is a Nashville native and proud alum of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Susannah can be reached at

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