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The Jackson Charitable Foundation is committed to the advancement of financial education across the United States. We believe that teaching the basics of personal finance can make a substantial, measurable impact in helping Americans prosper, reach their goals and live the lives they desire.

Our vision for financial
knowledge …

Thanks for visiting the Jackson Charitable Foundation website. We hope by joining us, you are already taking the first step on your personal journey toward financial freedom – a journey that begins with financial knowledge. Our vision is for all Americans to have the strong personal finance skills that allow people to live fuller, more self-directed lives.

We hope you love our signature program Cha-Ching™ Money Smart Kids, which is taught in classrooms around the country, through Junior Achievement U.S.A. and Discovery Education. Cha-Ching equips 7 to 12-year-olds with the knowledge, tools and practice they need to make informed financial decisions to reach their own personal goals and dreams. The storylines revolve around the four key concepts of money: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. The three-minute music videos help students learn good money habits and the basics of personal finance. Annually, we reach more than 2 million elementary students in classrooms across the country, helping them understand the four basic money concepts – Earn, Save, Spend and Donate with Cha-Ching.

Beginning in 2018, our Foundation teamed up with Ramsey Education to give high schools across the county complimentary access to Foundations in Personal Finance, a classroom-ready curriculum designed especially for high school students. Through this joint effort, more than 60,000 high school students across the country, are getting hands-on lessons about using money in everyday life.

For the 2020-21 school year, the Foundation will again sponsor 500 high schools across the country to receive this life-changing curriculum for free. Educators and schools interested in a sponsorship for the 2020-21 school year can complete a sponsor application here.

I believe understanding how money works and having the confidence to make sound financial decisions is critical for success. As our Foundation measures its impact, we look at different ways to improve behaviors, attitudes and outcomes for people from all walks of life. More than anything, we want to spark new conversations about money to build stronger individuals, families and communities.

Wishing you prosperity and joy,

Danielle Robinson
Executive Director
Jackson Charitable Foundation

Since 2017, Jackson Charitable Foundation has been Advancing U.S. Financial Education

3.82 MILLION Elementary School Students were reached with Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids! classroom and family activities with Discovery Education.
1.05 MILLION 3rd Grade Students learned about money in JA Our City featuring Cha-Ching from Junior Achievement volunteers.
100,000 High School Students were educated on how money impacts their lives with Ramsey Education's Foundation in Personal Finance curriculum.

In the News ...

The Jackson Charitable Foundation is the charitable-giving arm of Jackson National Life Insurance Company®. The Foundation focuses on work that is national in scope and programs supported may include an indirect cost of up to 3% of the organization's work in the project budget. Local community requests to strengthen families and increase economic opportunities in Lansing, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; and Nashville, Tennessee can be directed to Jackson's Corporate Philanthropy team.